Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: The Crouch’s

I feel like sometimes the work a realtor does is misunderstood. As first time home buyers seeing your friends buying new homes on social media, and then moving in, it seems to happen so fast. What you typically don’t see Is how long it took them to find that house, how many they saw, the negotiations of terms and the constant going back and forth from text, to phone call to email, and then the process it takes to get everything worked out and take it to the closing table and all the other things! I know as a buyer it can be super stressful going through it all, but imagine the realtor... they are having to do all the negotiations and paper work, and scheduling and connecting you with inspectors and then the lender (who also has a ton of things going on on their end too!) and then they have to set up appointments, spend the time to educate you, even risking the loss of their time if you decide to back out in the end and so on... and this is not with just you, but their other clients too who they are doing the same thing with.. it’s a lot and I’m sure there’s more, but I’m just saying, it’s not an easy job and you have to have a good realtor who knows what they are doing because it’s not something that you can simply do on your own. It’s not just about finding a realtor that will get the sale done, it’s about a realtor who goes above and beyond to make sure your are taken care of and nothing is left unknown. Mark is a realtor who walks you through every step of the way. Who works with you and helps you because maybe, if you’re like us, you have no idea what you’re doing! Mark rocks y’all! He did all of those things and more! We saw multiple homes that we would have jumped on and immediately and regretted later. As my husband and I walked around the homes looking at the cosmetic things, Mark walked around and pointed out flaws in structure, electric, plumbing and more that we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise, because we didn’t know. He isn’t a realtor just trying to make a sale, he truly cares and wants you to make the best and smartest choice possible for you and your family. He found us the most perfect home. It checked off all the boxes. It had minor flaws that he got the sellers to fix before move in, he got us an incredible deal under asking price in a market where people are offering 1000’s over asking price. Not only this, we were in no way ready to buy a home when we first reached out to Mark. He paired us with the best lender, Luke Hamlet, who partnered with us to educate us on what we needed to do to qualify for a home loan and worked with us all the way through to closing day. If you don’t want to leave anything on the table, and you want to make the best decision on your home purchase that fits you and your family perfectly, you need to call the Costello Group and talk to Mark. This was the best experience and we are so grateful!

By: JC

This guy is the best!! Hands down, the most helpful and patient guy to work with!

By: B. Connell

My wife and I cannot say enough great things about working with Mark to buy our first home. He is knowledgeable, professional, honest and accommodating. His zero pressure approach to the process was absolutely refreshing especially since this was a new experience for us. Over several weeks, he took the time to show us around to about 10 properties until we found the perfect one that fit everything we were looking for. He took the initiative to research each one prior to our meetings to give us the facts as well as his personal opinion. We learned throughout the process that he had experience with home construction so his opinion was something we came to trust and count on. We also learned that he is a former LEO and let me tell you that his integrity shown through with each communication and meeting. Speaking of communication, his is top notch. He was always reachable whether it was via phone call or text, whatever worked for us at the time. He would also contact us immediately with any news or direction but never to the point of pushy or over-reaching. Again, refreshing. He even reached out to us again two weeks after our move in date when a strong storm came through the area to see if all was well and inquire if we needed any assistance with damage remediation....seriously! To speak to his knowledge and experience, we ran into a couple of speed bumps with the seller during negotiations and under contract, the worst of which was the point when the seller tried to back out of the sale the Friday before our closing date (following Monday)! He was able to instill into the seller's agent how bad of an idea that was a that point, taking into consideration the legal action available to us contractually. Suffice to say, the seller came back around that weekend and the Monday closing date was back on which went on without further hitches. Another super convenient aspect is that he works closely with a lending partner in Luke Hamlett of Supreme Lending. They worked hand in hand throughout the process to help us get into a house that fit the price and payments that we had budgeted for that checked all our boxes. In the end, he worked to get us into our turnkey, 3 year old, 3 bdr - 2 bth house that fit our every expectation and needed nothing! Side note, he had all the contacts that we needed to complete each step of the purchase (home inspection, appraisal, home warranty, etc...). I know that there are many more examples I could provide but in the interest of keeping this "less lengthy", I'll end with this. You will be hard pressed to find a better agent to help you buy or sell a home. We will undoubtedly look to Mark again when it comes time to sell this house and move on to the next. 1,000 thanks again for all you do Mark!

By: Jessie M

We met Mark by happenstance when we stumbled into an open house a year and a half ago.  We weren't ready to make the move yet but we had a great conversation and felt like we had made a new friend.   When we had decided it was time to make the move to Texas we initially enlisted the help of a family friend who is a realtor part time.  After some discussion and advice we realized that we needed someone full time and the only person we wanted to give our business to was Mark.  That 10 minute meeting a year and a half before had stuck with us and we knew we could trust him to handle our out of state move.  We contacted Mark and were shocked to learn he remembered us!   We had a 20 minute phone call with him where we gave him our "needs" and "wants" and he went to search.  We received several emails a day with possible homes and he was constantly at our beck and call for answers to questions and odd requests.   We came to town, he picked us up at our hotel and happily drove us around, answering all our questions and showing us homes.  When we found the one we loved there was no question - we just knew - and Mark did too!   We put in the offer based on his expertise of the area and after a couple negotiations the offer was accepted.  We were already back in Arizona dealing with a family emergency when the offer was accepted and Mark did all the work for us.  It was truly like putting our trust in a family member - not a realtor we had only spent a few hours with.   He took the time out of his schedule to go to the house for all our inspections, appraisals and everything that needed to be done since we couldn't be there.  He put us in contact with Luke Hamlett at Supreme Lending - who was another incredible experience.  We trust these two gentlemen with everything and will recommend them to everyone we know and will use them again ourselves if we ever decide to move again. Mark is truly one of a kind.  A brother.  A friend.  I would highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home.  

By: Anonymous

Mark wasn’t was the first relator in the sale of my home, but definitely the best. Before contacting him, I had a really difficult and long sales process. My home was under contract to be sold, but it fell apart due to the incompetence of the previous relator. After the loss of the sale, it was time for change. When I contacted Mark he was very understanding and knowledgeable, but realistic about setting expectations. We had several conversations to make sure I understood the process, and to put me in a position to be successful in the sale of my home. Once I re-listed it, it was sold without a hitch. Without Mark, my house would still be for sale. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to sell (or buy) a home. If you’re looking for a honest realtor, who will set you up to be successful... him and Brandy are the team to do it.

By: Anonymous

My husband and I were having a difficult time finding exactly what we wanted in the area we were hoping to move, Mark found us, not only the perfect place exactly where we wanted! His knowledge of the area and negotiation skills are unmatched!

By: A. McGee

Recommend for sure! He made the stressful situation of buying a house so calming. He was always a text away and responded immediately to us. He made sure everything was taken care of and made sure we always knew what to do. He was very knowledgeable and answered all my millions of questions! He went above and beyond his duties and made this such a wonderful experience. We are now living happily in our new home thanks to Mark!

By: DC

I met Mark during an open house in Plano, TX while considering a home purchase as my family and I were moving from California. Mark was extremely knowledgeable about the housing market and provided great assistance to my family to find a house that met our needs. He worked tirelessly to find options and continued to follow-up until we found a great house with great neighborhood in Frisco, TX. I would highly recommended Mark if your in the market for home.

By: Louis M.

Purchasing real estate can be stressful and complicated, but if you’re lucky enough to have Mark as your agent, he makes it 100 times easier and QUICK. I was a first-time homebuyer and he broke down difficult processes into easy to understand language. He is accommodating, patient, flexible and ALWAYS available. Mark's honesty and wealth of knowledge was a breath of fresh air. Consider yourself working with the best in the business. I will only work exclusively with him from now on. He is also a good negotiator . He helped me save a lots of money on my purchase. I will recommend him any day, any time.

By: Jeff S.

I have had the pleasure of working with Mark over the past year. I have had quite a Few real estate dealings and have worked with lots of other agents. I can tell you that Mark is by far the most punctual, courteous and knowledgeable people I have been around in his field. His attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile and navigate through any issues is truly remarkable. He is always available for his clients. I think it would be safe to say that if a person is looking for a real estate agent that Mark is your guy. I am proud that I can not only call Him a business associate but a friend.

By: amber5109

READ THIS IF YOU NEED TO SELL YOUR HOME. Mark is new to the area, however he did EVERYTHING HE said he would do. I was looking for a SELLER agent not a LISTING agent. There is a big big difference. If your looking to sell your home, then I would give Mark a chance. He was very easy to work with. He even helped with the repair list from the inspection. WHO ever does that anymore. NO one I know. He never asked me to meet anyone. He handled everything. PHOTOGRAPHY AND 3D was impressive. I know this is what got the attention of my buyers. This was not an easy house for someone to sell. It was all about the SELLER agent for me.

By: 05/29/2019 - Summer S Smith

We were first-time home buyers who had put ourselves on a bit of a time crunch for the home-buying process. We knew we we would not be buying a brand new home, and wanted to make sure we had a realtor who had the skills and knowledge to help us buy a house that was a good fit for us. We worked with a few different realtors, but when the time came to make an offer, we knew we wanted to work with Mark because he was skilled at making realistic evaluations and looking beyond the surface-level details of the home. He was willing to crunch the numbers to give us a starting offer that we were comfortable with and felt fair for the house. Mark was also a great negotiator, and was willing to follow our requests while also doing a great job of gauging the sellers and making recommendations. During the whole process, Mark was a great communicator. He was accessible any time, and was willing to research any questions or issues that came up. He's intimately familiar with the purchase process, and was able to walk us through our transaction with a frustrating seller. We would recommend Mark without hesitation.

By: mpjones2005w

I tried to sell my home for 9 months with two other Realtors before I met Mark. Mark came out to my home to discuss my needs. While there he told me what I needed to do to sell my home to achieve my objectives. Mark set realistic expectations from the very first phone call I made to him. After one full day on the market I had a full price offer! Mark did a remarkable job negotiating the terms of the contract to make the transaction as smooth as possible for me! I threw Mark several, unintentional, monkey wrenches midway through. However, he and his wife, Brandy, were able to overcome them with ease! Together Mark and Brandy make a wonderful team that exceeded all of my expectations that I could ever have of a Realtor! In addition, Mark also assisted me in purchasing an off market home that I really, really wanted. Again, I threw a wrench in this deal a few days before closing. Mark and his team solved a difficult problem with such ease that I didn’t miss a beat! I highly recommend The Costello Group. They will treat you like family while providing the best professional service possible!

By: 02/19/2019 - jbutler024

I don't leave a ton of reviews, but I feel it's truly warranted in Mark's case as he far exceeded my expectations as a realtor. I have moved several times and worked with lots of realtors in the past (some great, some not so great), but none of them came close to matching the expertise and service Mark provided. He made both the buying and selling process incredibly straight-forward and efficient and constantly kept us in the loop with updates. In particular, three things stood out while working with Mark. 1) Expertise and experience. Mark's obviously been doing this for awhile and brings a tremendous amount of experience to the table. Further, he's incredibly knowledgeable about general home construction topics (e.g., home foundation and structure, electrical, drainage, building codes, etc.) and brought up topics in our house search I would have never thought to ask or which I've never seen another realtor ask. This really helped us feel like nothing was being overlooked or missed during our search. 2) Responsiveness. Mark really went above and beyond to not only keep us updated on every step of the buying and selling process, but to ensure we understood everything before proceeding. I felt like I could ask him anything about the process (in retrospect, no matter how stupid the question may have been), and get an immediate response (even when he was on vacation). Finally, 3) Overall Effectiveness as a realtor. Put simply, Mark is just really good at his job. My previous house took about 9 months to sell, but as soon as we committed to move, Mark got our house on the market, sold, and us into a new home we love in less than 45 days. Like most people, I don't enjoy moving, so it was really nice to find a realtor that I could simply hand things over to and know the process would run smoothly from start to finish. Thanks again, Mark!

By: Amy

I am truly grateful that I chose Mark to represent me. He made my home selling process go smoothly. He went above and beyond for me so he is more than highly recommended. Mark is the most professional, patient and amazing agent I’ve ever had. He really listens and he’s very thorough. He answered all my questions so I felt comfortable through the whole process, even after closing. I’m thinking, if only he was was a divorce divorce would have had better results.

By: V. Munoz

I honestly don’t know how we would’ve done this entire process without Mark. He’s knowledgeable, responds quickly to emails, and worked so hard for us. He answered us during holidays, on the weekends, in the evenings. Customer service was top notch. His wife was amazing too!

By: Anonymous in Arlington

Mark was absolutely amazing to work with to find a house to call home. He was extremely responsive, the listing realtors were not the easiest to work with and he stayed on top of them and got everything done that we needed. He was always available to talk, text or email and I never waited long for an answer. He is exceptionally knowledgeable when viewing homes and in the overall process when buying/renting a home. His attention to every detail is greatly appreciated. I will definitely use him in the future and will be recommending him to everyone I know!

By: J, Davis

Mark and Brandy were wonderful to work with. We used them to both sell our house and purchase our new home. They were very responsive and helpful through the whole process. I have already recommended them to several of our friends and will continue to do so in the future.

By: E. Leibs

Through Mark, I just purchased my first home. Mark is honest, has a lot of integrity, and makes you feel like you are his most important client. Through the process, he patiently answered my many questions until I was confident with the decision I was making. Even now, almost a year later, I feel comfortable contacting Mark with questions -- my most recent question was "When do I Homestead?" Thank you, Mark, for helping me find my forever home!

By: BL

Mark and Brandy Costello are amazing realtors not to mention amazing people. Mark has spent the last 4 years helping me look for a home. I am a very picky person and they met every single one of my standards. He was patient with me he gave very sound advice especially someone who was a first time home buyer who didn't know what they were doing. He made sure I understood all the aspects of home buying as well as being very tentative to my needs. I would recommend Mark and Brandy Costello to everyone I can.

By: cabb977

Mark is a go get’er he is knowledgeable at what he does . He sold our home and land for what we wanted after two other realtors failed. He is good at negotiating with difficult buyers and very polite . Always keep in contact with us and is very friendly he even brought some grass seed over and planted it for us ! He went over and beyond for us and we highly recommend him

By: L. Sawyer

Mark has gone above and beyond the call of duty for us. He’s never too busy to put your mind at ease and does everything he can to make the transaction as smooth as possible. He’s kind and compassionate and always professional. I will be recommending Mark every chance I get! He has blessed our lives!

By: J. Crouch

I couldn’t think of a more helpful, honest guy to help guide you down the right path while getting a new home!! After you sign on the home, you’ll want to invite him to Thanksgiving!

By: B. Gleson

Mark and his wife were wonderful to us! They spent lots of time (I mean, over 25 homes!!) arranging homes for us to walk through. They were patient with us and took time to get to know our style and wants in a home. Their knowedge of home worth/value, renovations, structure, etc is exactly what we needed. Mark kept close contact with my husband and I to keep communication open. They moved quickly to get our offer on the table and caught detailed corrections needed in the sellers contract that we would've never seen. They poured their heart and soul into taking care of our family. Now we have a beyond gorgeous home! I would recommend them in a heart beat.

By: Phillips

Mark helped my son purchase a home close to ours, he was very professional in all dealings. Mark helped me with the tax appraisal jump here in Parker county, with the comp’s and his advice I was able to lower over 20%.

By: M. Phillips

Mark sold our home and helped us get a new home he was great very helpful very informative and made us feel like family. He had no problem meeting us whenever or wherever we wanted.

By: Ann Smith

Hi, just a note to say thanks for all you have done for us throughout this process. As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Thank you for providing the answers to many of these and giving us informed advice on the homes that we visited!

By: Lani V

I highly recommend Mark if you are looking to buy or sell. I didn't end up buying because it wasn't the right time, but when I do, Mark will be my first phone call! He was easy to get in touch with, very informative and made sure my family's best interest were of the utmost importance.

By: E. Rosana

Was very knowledgeable, prompt, understanding and flexible with our needs. Made us feel at ease asking all sorts of questions with no pressure. I would use him again and again if need be.

By: B. Krajca

Mark has been so helpful through the whole process of renting our new home! Even through some obstacles, he made it a very easy and positive process. I highly recommend working with Mark!

By: T. Kennedy

I highly recommend working with Mark. He shows up early for showings with a great attitude and truly goes to bat for his clients. After searching for months, he found us the perfect home.

By: Johadr

...............He always answer our questions before, during and after the process. Very helpful, attentive and knowledgeable. Excellent! one of my best experiences looking for houses in Dallas............