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My wife, Brandy, and I have been involved in real estate in some form or fashion since we were teenagers. We have worked in numerous fields inside of real estate and have a great understanding of homes and the home buying/selling process.

Real estate has changed our lives for the better and we enjoy positively influencing the lives of all of our clients, too. We have 3 boys and they are our "why" for this endeavor! Anyone that knows us, knows that our youngest, Carter, just might be with you from beginning to end. He loves going to closings!

We are not part of a large team, when you hire us... you get US! We don't hand you, your home or your file off to anyone else besides each other! We will be with you every step of the way! Of course we have a phenomenal team of professionals that we work together with that handle your transaction with the same care and attention to detail that we do!

As a teenager I worked in residential and light commercial construction and repair. While doing so I began working for a handful of investors and taking part in their renovations. Brandy began working in the appraisal field while still in high school and did so until becoming a REALTOR®. Brandy has a keen eye for the latest trends and designs. She will help you envision your new home or investment home no matter the current condition. We have combined this knowledge and experience to renovate homes for our own business, plus clients needing to sell. With this information we can help navigate you through the home buying and selling process to help you make the best decisions for you and your family.

Whether you're a seasoned investor, bought/sold multiple homes without representation before, looking for a second home, moving up/down, or first time buyer we are happy to meet you wherever you are in the process! We look forward to working with you!



I feel like sometimes the work a realtor does is misunderstood. As first time home buyers seeing your friends buying new homes on social media, and then moving in, it seems to happen so fast. What you typically don’t see Is how long it took them to find that house, how many they saw, the negotiations of terms and the constant going back and forth from text, to phone call to email, and then the process it takes to get everything worked out and take it to the closing table and all the other things! I know as a buyer it can be super stressful going through it all, but imagine the realtor... they are having to do all the negotiations and paper work, and scheduling and connecting you with inspectors and then the lender (who also has a ton of things going on on their end too!) and then they have to set up appointments, spend the time to educate you, even risking the loss of their time if you decide to back out in the end and so on... and this is not with just you, but their other clients too who they are doing the same thing with.. it’s a lot and I’m sure there’s more, but I’m just saying, it’s not an easy job and you have to have a good realtor who knows what they are doing because it’s not something that you can simply do on your own. It’s not just about finding a realtor that will get the sale done, it’s about a realtor who goes above and beyond to make sure your are taken care of and nothing is left unknown. Mark is a realtor who walks you through every step of the way. Who works with you and helps you because maybe, if you’re like us, you have no idea what you’re doing! Mark rocks y’all! He did all of those things and more! We saw multiple homes that we would have jumped on and immediately and regretted later. As my husband and I walked around the homes looking at the cosmetic things, Mark walked around and pointed out flaws in structure, electric, plumbing and more that we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise, because we didn’t know. He isn’t a realtor just trying to make a sale, he truly cares and wants you to make the best and smartest choice possible for you and your family. He found us the most perfect home. It checked off all the boxes. It had minor flaws that he got the sellers to fix before move in, he got us an incredible deal under asking price in a market where people are offering 1000’s over asking price. Not only this, we were in no way ready to buy a home when we first reached out to Mark. He paired us with the best lender, Luke Hamlet, who partnered with us to educate us on what we needed to do to qualify for a home loan and worked with us all the way through to closing day. If you don’t want to leave anything on the table, and you want to make the best decision on your home purchase that fits you and your family perfectly, you need to call the Costello Group and talk to Mark. This was the best experience and we are so grateful!

The Crouch’s

This guy is the best!! Hands down, the most helpful and patient guy to work with!


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